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Boosted VS Genesis Comparison

  • edin chavez

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Publicados: 3 months ago
Boosted Board:
Genesis Board:

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Genesis now has a 3rd gen board, has a new remote and also fixed some major problems like disconnection. They now sell replacements aswell, hub motors , batteries , etc.

1 day ago

Thants awesome, cant wait to get a new one :)

1 day ago

His board was the dual+? Have you had any connection problems with the genesis?

1 month ago

No problems connecting, its awesome :)

1 month ago

I assume a lot of the people talking bad about the genesis, are probably being enforced by boosted. Everyone with the low amount of views and subscribers say the genesis is great, but the famous guys knock it to keep boosted with customers.

2 months ago

The first generation genesis had a lot of issues but many of those issues were fixed with the second generation and right now genesis is on there third generation

3 days ago

aruuraa I'd see why you wouldn't get one. The earlier models were flawed, which is why they have many bad reviews. I've had mine since January 1st, 2017 and it still performs the same. No issues. But glad to see you got a board you're happy with!

1 month ago

Kyle true, but I went with the DYI meepo board deck swap. This is because the meepo board can have individual parts purchased, and it's waterproof, ect. If something happens to the genesis then tough shit, cause you can't buy individual parts, nor can you change the wheels. Plus all the bad reviews and problems, have strayed me away. Kieran who is the owner of meepo, is an honest reliable seller.

1 month ago

aruuraa You get much more range with the Genesis and it is faster. Once you hit two bars on the indicator light you still are able to go a decent speed. But keep in mind it takes 6-8 miles to go down to two bars. while the boosted only lasts 3-5 miles total.

1 month ago

The battery once it hits mid point it just goes to beginner mode, once you hit 25% it slows down a bit, however that takes a long time.

2 months ago

The biggest problem with Genesis is they don't sell replacement wheels. Every other electric skateboard company sells wheels. If you spend enough time riding on uneven sidewalks or bad streets you will need new to swap them out eventually.

3 months ago

edin chavez they do sell replacement hub wheels, the front wheels is something you would have to buy separately.

1 day ago

Yikes, thats crazy, on the actual hub or the rubber?

3 months ago

edin chavez WOW 1000 miles. I barely cracked 300 before I got huge cracks in mine

3 months ago

This is true, I have about 1000 miles on mine and it is still working good. But I do wish they sold wheels.

3 months ago

Genesis $499, Boosted Board $1499. = 1,000 more to spend in Photo equipment..... I can go for a Genesis.... any time.

3 months ago

Yes!! Exacly my thoughs :)

3 months ago